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I'm out of town August 13, 2007 to August 26, 2007. The store will re-open for orders on August 27, 2007. Thanks! Lisa

~ ~ ~ Fasteners ~ ~ ~

Dritz for Dolls size 4/0 Sew-in snaps, and
Mini-snaps by Dritz, Hooks & Eyes, and new Clear Plastic Snaps as well as Iron safe plastic snaps!

Checks by mail

Sorry - I'm not carrying the hook-n-loop anymore. The minimum purchase from the supplier is too large for my business. Thanks, Lisa 4/10/2007.

~ ~ ~ Tiny Snaps and Hooks & Eyes ~ ~ ~

Snaps in size 4/0 - From Dritz for Dolls.

$1.25 per package - fill in the number of packages you need.

Black snaps - size 4/0 $1.25
Nickel snaps - size 4/0 $1.25

New! Plastic snaps in clear, and the heat safe snaps in clear and black!

Pkg of Clear Snaps - $1.55

Pkg Clear Iron Safe Snaps - $2.99     Pkg Black Iron Safe Snaps - $2.99

Dritz for Dolls Hooks & Eyes in Nickel and Black

Hooks & eyes in the tiny doll scale size. $1.25 per package (14 in pkg).

The hooks & eyes I now carry are the same size - but don't have the "Dritz for Dolls" name on the package - just "Dritz". These new ones include a straight piece for the "eye" as well as the curved one. Will change picture soon! 3/18/07

Mini-snaps from Dritz for Dolls

(small snaps that really snap together)
1.29 per package.
These are the smallest working snaps that I know of.

Snaps $1.29 a pkg.

Pearl snaps - $2.49 each

New - snap fastening tool. $1.99 each

Here's my new free sewing pattern that goes with every purchase! The pattern is designed so you can make a strapless bodice / full skirt dress for any of the 3 BarbieŽ bodies that are currently on store shelves.

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