Tiny Zippers

How to make a doll dress !!

In this example, I am making a dress for BarbieŽ. If you sew for other dolls, I'm sure you'll find some techniques that will help, and you'll see how to put in these little zippers. For anyone who has never sewn before, I wrote these instructions hoping that a complete novice can follow them. You can make this dress by hand. I would recommend that you use short, tight stitches, and you may need to go over a seam twice in places, such as a dart. If you are an experienced seamstress and you feel you can give me some hints - PLEASE EMAIL ME!! I can always use ideas for better and easier ways of doing things! Lisa@Tinyzippers.com

Here's the dress that I will be showing you how to make:

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Doll pictured is from my personal collection. I am not affiliated with Mattel. 7/7/2006